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    Appeal board to review charges of discrimination under Chapter 12, Human Rights. Powers and duties of the Board are outlined in Section 12-5, City of Tampa Code.



Contact Information:

    Thomas Snelling
    Planning & Development Services
    (813) 274-8577

Enabling Legislation:

    Length of Term: 3 years****Term Limits: 3 consecutive terms - (No person shall serve for more than three consecutive terms****Composed of 9 members appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council. There shall be on the Board at all times at least 1 representative from each of the following fields: retail merchandising management; industrial management; real estate sales; property leasing; mortage financing; law enforcement; and labor council. Property leasing shall include managing rental of apartments, moble home park lot leasing and motel management. The administrator shall be an ex officio, nonvoting member of the Board.****Hearing officer means an employee of the Division of Administrative Hearings within the State of Florida, Department of Administration, employed to conduct hearings pursuant to F.S. chapter 120, or other person selected by the administrator to conduct a hearing pursuant to this chapter from a pool of hearing officers, who are members of the Florida Bar, appointed by the mayor and approved by the city council for a term not to exceed two (2) years. The hearing officers shall not be entitled to compensation; however, they shall receive reimbursement for parking in city garages and for mileage for any hearing-related business. Such reimbursement shall be consistent with city policy.

Meeting Time and Location:



PositionStatusAppointing AuthorityDistrictMemberTermStart DateEnd Date
Hearing Master Active Mayor/Council ConfirmedUnknownClinton Paris5th 3/15/20173/14/2019
Labor Council Active Mayor/Council ConfirmedUnknown John L. Perry2nd 6/1/20165/31/2019
Mortgage Financing Active Mayor/Council ConfirmedUnknown Anthony Carswell2nd 6/1/20165/31/2019
Other Active Mayor/Council ConfirmedUnknownSylvia L. Hubbard1st 3/2/20173/1/2020
Other Active Mayor/Council ConfirmedUnknownAnna M. Ramos3rd 6/1/20175/30/2020
Property Leasing Active Mayor/Council ConfirmedUnknownJanet MacNealy1st 9/8/20179/7/2020
Real Estate Active Mayor/Council ConfirmedUnknownParker A. Homans1st 6/1/20175/30/2020
Tampa Police Department Active Mayor/Council ConfirmedUnknownAshley R.. Roberts1st 4/21/20174/20/2020
Vacant - Industrial Management Active Mayor/Council ConfirmedUnknownMr. Reginald Tim3rd 5/31/20145/30/2017
Vacant - Retail Merchandising Management Active Mayor/Council ConfirmedUnknownAmy Mandel2nd 5/31/20145/30/2017